People having some bizarre and strange Phobias!

Some strange phobias you may not know you have. When was the last time you felt terrified? Maybe you were walking in the dark and heard a strange noise right behind you, or lightning and thunder were raging all night. Or you were on that airplane ride and the weather was pretty rough. We all fear something our hearts start beating like crazy. We sweat and tremble run out of breath and sometimes even have a full-blown panic attack. It thumbs up if you're afraid of something. It's okay to admit it while most people's fears are easy to explain and they can avoid scarily. Situations by turning on the light or avoiding Unleashed dogs some fears are something different. Life is much more challenging when you are afraid of buttons or falling in love. Here's a list of some bizarre and unique phobias you won't believe exist. Our Strange phobias list includes the following phobias.

1: Acribophobia

Acribophobia is the fear of not being able to understand what you're reading at the moment. The name of this phobia is built from two Greek words, Akribo, which means know for sure, and Phobos, fear. Sometimes it can even be a sign of schizophrenia when patients complained that the phrase breaks up into words and individual syllables. Like many other fears. We'll talk about it today. This one is most definitely rooted in childhood memories. Maybe a person was often laughed at for being a slow learner.

2: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

This phobia is so hard to pronounce it speaks for itself. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia Is the fear of long words. People who suffer from it most definitely failed in a spelling bee Competition as kids or maybe something else not so terrible happened to them. Let's try to make this word a bit less scary by breaking it down into parts. Hippo means horse in Greek and Potamus means river so the first part translates as a water horse. Also known as a hippopotamus in the oxford dictionary a similar word Hippopotamus is used to refer to something very large. The word monster has a Latin origin and means something that is huge or terrifying. Sesquipedalian is also derived from Latin and means. Measuring a foot and a half long.

Phobia is the easy part we know it means fear. If you watched Mary Poppins, you probably had fun trying to repeat it. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a word that has 34 letters in it well it must have been a scary experience. For those who fear any word longer than beautiful.

3: Gnosiophobia

Gnosiophobia is the fear of knowledge. Gnosis means knowledge in Greek. It is also known as Epistemophobia. Knowledge is power and some people are afraid of being too powerful. They will most likely avoid visiting a library reading books at home watching TV or learning new things from the internet.

While in many cases, they are afraid to find out about a certain disease. They might have from a medical book. They also feel scared. They won't be able to spread the word if they read about something dangerous. 70% of Gnosiophobia s live in large cities. This phobia is also typical for feral kids who grew up outside of human society.

4: Hydrophobia                      

Hydrophobia is a fear of sweating and catching a cold or fear of becoming a source of unpleasant odor. The word consists of two parts of Greek origin. Hydroso, means I sweat and phobia stands for fear. In some extreme cases, Hydrophobias also fear other people's sweat those who have this phobia probably envy the birds Rabbits, and pigs because they don't sweat.

5: Dextra phobia

Dextra phobia is the fear of objects on the right side of the body. The word dextro in its name is of Latin origin and means to the right. The reason for this fear is obsessive-compulsive personality.

Have you ever met people who are obsessed with orders at their office desk and keep all their stuff strictly to their left? In that case, you have met a dextra phobe. People with dextra phobia also find it hard to move into the left lane when driving if they see a vehicle on the right side. They are often laughter because of their unusual habits, which causes social anxiety in them.

6: Koumpounophobia

People who have koumpounophobia try to avoid clothes with buttons. For them, even the thought, mention, or sight of buttons can cause an anxiety attack. The word koumpounophobia is of Greek origin koumpouno means beans as the ancient Greeks used beans instead of buttons. Nearly one in 75,000 people have this phobia. It was well shown in Neil Gaiman's horror novel Coraline which was adapted into a movie the lead character developed koumpounophobia in a parallel world where evil characters looking like her parents had black buttons instead of eyes. Sub kids in real life may have choked on buttons or were abused by someone wearing clothes with buttons they grow up into adults who have to avoid weddings or any gathering just not to see all those people's buttons in clothes.

Very extreme cases come to know, some people while accidentally touched with buttons in someone clothes will start vomiting.

7: Lachanophobia

Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables the name comes from Greek? La Hanako meaning vegetables. People who suffer from it cannot stand the sight or smell of vegetables. Next time you force your kids to eat broccoli, remember you can be the reason they develop a phobia it can also happen if they see caterpillars or worms on vegetables. Kids have a rich imagination and some imagine they can turn into a caterpillar themselves if they eat the affected vegetable.

8: Pantheraphobia

Panthera phobia is the fear of Mother-in-law. The Panthera part of this phobias name does not stand for panther it means mother-in-law. The tensions between a man and his mother-in-law might be a popular subject of jokes But Panthera phobia is no joke for those who experience it.

Related phobia Soceraphobia which is the fear of your parents-in-law! If your husband/wife seems to be very afraid of your mother, don't blame him. This fear is most definitely Genetic or comes from seeing someone experience it on TV or in movies.

9: Chairophobia

Chairophobia from Greek chairo meaning to be pleased and joyful is the fear of laughing in an appropriate environment. For example, at a funeral that can happen when your body is trying to protect you by a manifestation of joy in a shocking situation. You might get this phobia if you were often told that laughing in a similar situation is a terrible thing or punished for it as a kid.

10: Chronophobia

 Chronophobia is the fear of time which is Chronos in Greek. People who suffer from it cannot enjoy life to the fullest as they are focused on the flow of time. We all know we cannot stop it or go back but some of us find this idea unbearable. Older people and prisoners tend to suffer from chronophobia more often.

11: Philophobia

 Philophobia originates from Greek filos loving of beloved and foe Phobos for fear. People with Philophobia avoid falling in love or having a relationship. When they feel like they were exposed to love they try to run away as fast as they can. They also avoid watching romantic movies attending weddings and going to places where lovebirds usually gather. A life without love must be really torturing.

Why and what exactly concerns you most of all in the above strange phobias list?

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