Imran Khan Speech in Sialkot against imported government
Sialkot Jalsa

(Halatihazira) Yesterday in Sialkot after clashes between PTI and Police the PTI changed the venue to the ground beside Usman Dar's Factory.

Police and other PMLN members say that Christian Community was not allowing the gathering on CTI ground. On the other hand, Usman Dar said that we were allowed 3 days before and we had almost staged the ground for the gathering, suddenly the Imported government bulldozed everything. The police arrested Usman Dar and other members of PTI and then released them after a while keeping them in custody.

Shafqat Mehmood said Police used tear gas on peaceful PTI in the direction of Khwaja Asif.

In a short time, without any banners and information, the mass of people rushed to the Factory ground.

In the speech, Chairman Pakistan Tehrik Insaf Imran Khan revealed his assassination plan planning and he has recorded the names in a video which will be uploaded when they murdered me, He says that the government doesn't want to see me as a hurdle further.

He further said the struggle for freedom and getting rid of the imported government will continue. He appealed to the people of Sialkot to get ready for the March against the imported government.

By revealing the assassination plan Rana Sana Ullah called it a fraud and offer PTI Chairman Imran Khan an investigation against the planning.